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Part of the Game Jam Challenge by Backtrace
You are searching for bugs below stones by clicking on them.
Pick one of 4 different experts who help you with colored magnifying glasses.
Each Expert knows only one type of bug and scares away any different bug they encounter when you turn a stone.
Sometimes you may find their tracks by using the different magnifying glasses of your experts.

Can you combine their knowledge to trace down all bugs
and then write a beautiful bug report- like backtrace does^^

Our Backtrace Link:

Backtrace Url =

Project instance =

We used some free vector Images:

<a href="" https:="""" free-vector="" human"="">Holiday Vectors by Vecteezy</a>

Thank you for playing.

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AuthorsMetrolekt-Arts, CreateLeaf
Made withUnity
Tagsbacktrace, Cute, Exploration, nature, Unity


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